Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a unique and sensual type of tantric massage originating from Japanese tradition. The main distinctive element of this massage is the use of a special gel or oil called “Nuru,” which means “slippery” or “shine” in Japanese. This gel is made from marine algae and is known for its smooth and slippery texture.

During a Nuru massage, the masseuse or masseur applies the gel to their own body as well as to the client’s body, creating a slippery surface. This technique allows for easier movement and intense contact between both parties. A crucial aspect of this massage is the trust between the masseuse or masseur and the client, which enables relaxation and a sense of mutual harmony.

The massage begins with gentle strokes and caresses all over the body, helping the client release tension and unwind. Gradually, the masseuse or masseur will use their entire body and specific techniques to intensely stimulate the client’s senses. The boundaries between the masseuse or masseur and the client blur, creating an experience of deep connection and mutual respect.

Nuru massage is not just about physical pleasure; it also involves a spiritual experience. During this massage, clients often reach a state of deep meditation and relaxation. The presence and focus on every touch, movement, and breath bring a unique experience of harmony between body and mind.

It’s important to emphasize that Nuru massage is conceived as a respectful, non-invasive, and mutually agreed-upon experience between the masseuse or masseur and the client. Your website can inform that privacy and personal preferences of the client are always respected.

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